Sunday, March 4, 2012


As most of you already know, Phillip and I are having a boy! We found out on February 23. This appointment was so exciting and nerve wrecking for us. I had been studying sonograms so I knew exactly what to look for gender wise. What I was mostly anxious about was the health of our baby. At this sonogram, the sonographer is looking for specific things on the baby (4 chambers of the heart, nasal bone, spina bifida, etc.) however she said everything with the baby appears to be normal as of now. BIG RELIEF!!!!

As for me, everything is healthy as well except for now my placenta is low. 90% of the time, the problem fixes itself, so I haven't been worried. Worst case scenario is having a c-section, which I'd prefer not to have but we will go with whatever is safest for the baby and me! She'll check it again in 8 weeks to make sure things are progressing. And I've gained 4 pounds this month...but its normal for the 2nd trimester.

At the sonogram, I wanted to spot the gender so I asked her not to tell me. I saw it right off the bat, two baby legs and a little twig. :) Phillip was wigging out in excitement, and the boy was flaunting his junk all over the place! We already had a feeling that it would be a boy, maternal/paternal instinct or just coincidence? Who knows?

Pointing to the little twig

little baby feet that I cannot wait to kiss!

Titus Hartley Lasseter at 10oz with a heart rate of 144.
He's looking straight at us with a little smile on his face. 

"He's translucent"--my adorable husband :)

 We had to keep this BIG SECRET for 3 days!! Our appointment was on Thursday and we had a gender reveal party with our family on Saturday! We had a "What's it gonna bee?" theme. We had cupcakes made with the center filling the color of the babies gender, blue!

Bee cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and a few gifts for baby!

Our family as they bit in to the cupcake, such a sweet moment to share with our whole family! 

If you got through all of this then good for you! I know my facebook friends are probably tired of all my baby updates so I try to keep it minimal. It's soooo hard when you are this excited though. We have lots of family and friends that love hearing about him, so I'll try to keep you updated on here as often as possible. We've hit the 20 week mark so we are halfway there. I have to admit, I love being pregnant though. I know I will miss it  once it's gone but will have a sweet baby to hold to make up for it :) I've started feeling him around 16/17 weeks (Valentine's day-ish) but it was flutters that I actually thought were little twitches or hunger pangs. I now feel him everytime I get still and quite for a little bit, and the moves are way more noticeable that before. We haven't been able to feel him from the outside yet, so Phillip hasn't gotten to feel him move at all. Hopefully soon! 

We will be taking him on his first Disney trip next week! We will update you with pictures when we return!! :)

-Love always, 
The Lasseter's

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