Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bean's first doctor visit

Last week we had our first doctor visit for the baby! I measured 6 weeks 4 days which was spot on from what the doctor calculated frombmy LMP. The baby's heartbeat was 126 bpm. The u/s tech said that everything looked and sounded normal. They gave us a due date of July 21st. As of now, we are calling the baby Bean because that's what he/she looks like.

When Phillip and I heard the heartbeat and saw it fluttering on the u/s it became very real for us. We knew there was a bun in the oven but it wasn't until then did we feel like it was so real. Our emotions were all over the place, I had tears and Phillip had wide eyes like he was scared to death.

We went through our birthing plans with Dr. Moses and let her know early on that I will not be having any pain medicine, pitosin, or epidural (unless there is an emergency). I'm so glad that she asked about this right off and respects our decision. We just love her, she's so upbeat, positive, and helpful. We are so excited about this journey! We have an amazing family and friends that are so supportive and helpful.

I will be updating the blog a couple times a month, to keep everyone updated on our progress.
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Love, the Lasseter's (Phillip, Nikki, Dixie, and Bean)