Monday, February 24, 2014

Lunch Date

Lunch dates with this cutie>>>>>

I'm so thankful for days off with Titus! Soaking up this semi-warm weather on the patio! We also bought a hammock for the backyard and lots of summer clothes ☺️ If only I could spend everyday with him and still afford extras. Hmmm, one day. 

-Nikki (: 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Social-Media Fast

Why? To focus on praying during Lent and to clear my mind before my first confession as an Orthodox Christian. 

How Long? Until Pascha (Easter) or longer if I see fit. Ultimately, I would like to update family and friend through our blog instead of seeing all the junk on FB and IG. Share2wins and babymama drama is not my idea of enlightenment. However, I do love good articles on parenting and Christianity and an occasional funny e-card that's not vulgar. Maybe after Lent a good housecleaning of the friends list is in order. 

What I hope to gain? 
Extra time spent with Phillip and Titus and more importantly a clear mind before my first confession. Making sure that I leave nothing out and that I'm going into this whole heatedly and not halfway. Orthodoxy is a way of life, not something that happens on a Sunday morning. It's a closer walk of faith than I have ever been on. Not saying that I've never had an emotional relationship with our Saviour. This is much deeper than that. It's not about emotions or how I feel at all actually. It's about completely serving Christ in my everyday life. Not what he can do for me but what I can do for him. 
I was introduced to Orthodoxy 6 years ago when I met Phillip. It was so foreign to me and I said somethings that I wish I had not, knowing what they mean now. Over time, I closed my eyes and opened my heart to a deeper truth. It's far more scary on the outside than it really is on the inside. And what I'm saying is, don't judge a book by its cover. I'm delving into something I would have never pictured myself being a part of 6 years ago. It wasn't until about 3 years ago that I truly understood what being orthodox meant. It wasn't until I became pregnant with Titus that I couldn't picture myself going back to where I was. I knew where I was supposed to be and what kind of mother I was going to be. I couldn't go back now if I wanted to because I know in my heart that this is the Church a child should be raised in. Nothing but the truth. So I should join my family in partaking of the holy sacraments of our Lord. That's how it all started.

I'm not sure of the exact date that I realized I was on the right path. After the initial shock, it slowly crept up on me. It did take a few good years for me to be comfortable with participating in the services. It was Greek to me, no pun intended. I am so glad God revealed himself to me in way that is so very humbling. He knocked me to my knees and that's just what I needed to see the Light. 

I hope to use this time before the celebration of his resurrection to focus my time and energy on him. 


Monday, January 6, 2014

Building our life.

2013 brought us so much joy, I love reminiscing on the year. 

found my most likely "forever" job this year, forever until we win the lottery and I can stay home with T and all our future babies. 😉 

We bought our first house that has been perfect for us. Plenty of room to expand our family in the future and a big enough yard, but not too big. 

We watched Titus grow and learn. Most of his "firsts" happened this past year including his first birthday! He's got a huge personality and never let's anyone forget that he's in a room. He is intelligent beyond belief. When you have his undivided attention, he will talk to you about anything. His imagination runs wild, I wish I knew what goes on in his head most of the time. (Right now, he's playing the trumpet with his California Raisins with his hands all while standing on top of the coffee table.) He is obsessed with trains (can you take a guess on what the theme of his 2nd birthday party will be?). 

In 2014, we hope to slow down, build our relationships up, cherish the small things. We hope to stay home more and make lots of memories here. Travel some with just our small family. Not rush anything by and be content with our family of three. 

I'm excited to see what 2014 brings us! 

Monday, November 25, 2013


I knew I wouldn't remember to make a Facebook post every day to give thanks to something new. However, I love the concept and with Thanksgiving quickly approaching I thought why not? I haven't blogged in a while so my page is a bit rusty, but I'd like to use my down time to reflect on the things I'm most thankful for. Here goes!

1. I'm thankful for God. I have a deeper faith in him than I have ever had or known. It doesn't make me want to shout from a rooftop and flaunt it around. It brings me to my knees because I'm so unworthy to be loved by him and given all his many blessings. He has humbled me.

2. My husband. He is dedicated to putting our needs before his.

3. Titus. He has shown me a love I never knew existed. Every day that I get to spend with him is a better day and the biggest blessing.

4. Family. Our support group. Always there to lend a helping hand. Always there to make me laugh. Never a dull moment.

 5. Our church family. I have met some great friends and even better mentors. Couldn't ask for better.

6. Mommy friends. Play dates are fun!

7. My job, my boss and my coworkers. They make it a little bit easier to come to work everyday. Im happy to have those girls!

8. Our home. It's not new, but it's ours! And it feels like home. I love it.

9. Our fur baby, Dixie. Even when everything has gone wrong that day, she still loves me.

That's all I've got for now!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy half birthday, baby boy!

Titus is six months old! I can't believe half a year has passed by since I held that tiny little boy in my arms for the first time. It's so bittersweet! I'm so sad thinking that I'll never get those six months back or thinking that he won't always need mommy but, I've loved every second of watching him grow and meet milestones, nurturing him at every little whimper, cuddling him when he's not feeling good, and catching his contagious laughter! I know exciting things are in our future, but I just want to live in the present. I don't want to rush another day. I fall more in love with this kid every. single. day.

We'll be having Banana-Carrot pan cake (baby-friendly) to celebrate six months of LIFE! We have also met our mini-goal of nursing until six months old, now if we can only make it another 6+ months to meet our long term goal! It's not been an easy road but it has been the most rewarding thing I've ever done and hope to continue. As of right now, he's into biting everything in site with his two new chompers and has me feeling like I'm nursing a newborn all over again, except more painful this time. Hopefully it'll be a short lived phase. 

Since I've last blogged, Titus has had many growth spurts and mental leaps. It's truly amazing watching how quickly he can learn something. It literally blows my mind. At times, I think we have baby Einstein on our hands :) I do try to introduce new things to him, but I can imagine how mentally stressful it must be to learn thing at the rapid rate that he does so I don't push him to learn or do anything too fast. He started rolling around 4 months, he got two teeth in one day and started sitting unassisted for short periods the same week, right around Christmas. He's been "talking" for a while but no real words yet. He does cry "maaaaaaa" when he's hungry and he growls a lot so Grana thinks he's trying to say her name! (Grrr.) He has loved solids since our first try. We're not sticking with one approach. I'm pureeing some and letting him eat off of our plates and taking the baby-led approach some. It's been fun! He loves banana, pear, peas, carrots, sweet potato, and spinach. He doesn't care for avocado to much and pineapple is definitely not his favorite.

His laugh and smile are so contagious. He has the biggest gummy grin and his whole face lights up. He draws all the attention everywhere we go (grocery shopping, running errands, etc). However, he can throw a tantrum like no other when he's sleepy or over-stimulated. So if you're holding my baby and I reach for him, I'm not trying to be rude. I'm simply saving your ear drums from his blood-curdling scream of a cry. And he'd prefer to have his mama at a time like that anyway, no offense ;)

Until next time,
-the Lasseter's

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2.5 months

I'm running a little behind on blog posts but as you can imagine, life has been on the fast track lately. The boy is growing like a weed. It's so bittersweet to me. I love watching him grow and reach new milestones but I'm saddened that he's already in size TWO diapers and in 3-6 month clothes. Where did my 7lb 12oz baby go?! As we are coming up on 11 weeks, he's been a lot less fussy and more content with whatever is going on. He loves to play and grab things with his hands. He also loves to talk, smile and laugh. He is the sweetest little man ever and he has us all so wrapped. He has the cutest little frowny face that melts my heart, and he uses it to his advantage for sure.

Saturday was the first day of fall (yippee, my favorite season) so I'm hoping it will cool off enough pretty soon to get outside more! He loves the outdoors but I've been limiting our time outside because of all the West-Nile cases. We've already been in the hospital once and I never want him to go through that again. Seeing your baby be a pin-cushion is not fun!! I'm so thankful for a generally healthy baby, because that was hard!!

Anywho here's a growth survey:

Weight: at nine weeks he weighed 11lbs 14oz, I imagine he's about 12.5-13 now. Chubby little booger!

Height: 23.5 inches, he's gonna be a tall boy!

Hair color: it's lightening up to a sandy blonde color with golden flecks! And super curly/frizzy! I love it!!!

Eye color: they're still blue! Hoping they stay that way!

Favorite food: breastmilk :)

Favorite "words": "ooohhh" "goooo" "eh"

Favorite toy: owl mobile and captain calamari

Favorite lovie: his sleep machine Lambo so far.

Favorite clothes: sleepers!

Diaper size: 2

Clothes size: 3 months

Shoe size: 1

Likes: bath time, outdoors, riding in carseat, being in a wrap or sling playing and talking, play mat, his fur sister Dixie, sound machines (hair dryer and lambo), lullabies, rocking, stories, cuddling, and nursing to sleep.

Dislikes: tummy time, nursing when other things are going on, sleeping alone, bouncer, swing, car seat simulator, or anything when someone isn't holding him.

Who does he favor? He's got my eyes, lips and hair, Phillip's nose, chin and facial expressions! :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

100 things that keep me going!

In a world where nursing your baby is frowned upon and with all odds against us, these things keep me pushing through. I love getting him chubby on mama milk and will continue to do so for as long as I can!

1. Looking in your babies eyes.
2. Holding your sweet little one.
3. Getting a BREAK to sit down with a super good excuse.
4. Makes you feel relaxed.
5. It really is easier in the long run.
6. Even after a busy, crazy, day with a baby and a bunch of other kids, you can look back and know that you held your baby a few times that day.
7. Getting an extra hour of sleep after the morning wake up when you nurse them back to sleep.
8. Being the person who feeds your baby skin to skin is a good feeling. It is like you and only you fed somebody and helped them grow. Amazing.
9. You know when you are nursing a baby that you were productive that day even if the dishes need doing.
10. It magically makes them stay babies. For real.
11. Babies and toddlers are quiet when they nurse.
12. Fixing sadness.
13. Portable.
14. I wouldn’t recommend camping with kids. But if you do choose such a thing, nursing makes it easier.
15. No runs to the store.
16. Breasts are easy to clean, and don’t usually need to be sanitized. (I am just kidding. I never sanitize mine.)
17. La Leche League- cool ladies, great friends.
18. It just makes sense.
19. Sneaking out of church to go to the mother’s room where it is quiet, you can hear the speaker, and hubby gets to sit with the kids! Many a relaxing break in the nursing room…
20. On the other hand, you can easily nurse in the middle of church so you don’t distract all the other kids that would want to follow you out!
21. No getting up to prep anything in the middle of the night- it is a self-serve system!
22. Lactating breasts are like a free pharmacy for the whole family! Ear infection, gooey eye, runny nose- NO PROBLEM! A little milk can fix it up.
23. Unoffensive poo.
24. Liquid diet for sickies means they still get nourishment when they are sick.
25. Milk sharing. It just makes a mama feel like she is helping someone when she can share milk with a friend who really needs it for their baby.
26. One less thing to buy.
27. Seems to magically calm the whole house.
28. Helps you sit and reconnect with the other kids.
29. Gives you time to read a little (before they are grabby) which is just so NICE when you are a busy mom.
30. A meal that requires NO DISHES!!!!
31. A meal that requires no preparation!
32. A meal that requires no shopping!
33. One less thing in the diaper bag.
34. Happy baby on the plane! Just nurse them and they don’t scream.
35. Less hassle when they frisk you in security when you are getting ON the plane.
36. MONEY- it is saved.
37. No plastic.
38. The little games they play that only you see while they nurse.
39. Sweet nursing noises. Nothing like a slurping baby.
40. Getting thin faster.
41. Of course, there is also the added bonus of being able to say, “I’m nursing, I need the extra calories,” as you mainline donuts. Though admittedly, this may interfere with 40.
42. Firm breasts for a few months again! It is like being a teenager all over!
43. Perspective. It teaches you what your body is capable of and how little some of the sag matters.
44. Milk drunk babies.
45. Milky drool. Cute.
46. Sleepy milky smiles.
47. Putting a baby to sleep with your body is really pretty special.
48. Legal protection to nurse most anywhere.
49. It pisses off Barbra Walters.
50. Such HEALTHY babies! The nursing baby is the healthiest person in the house.
51. Toddler calmer.
52. You can travel light! Baby, mama, diaper- GO!
52. Sisterhood.
53. It is fabulous to do something for your baby that nobody else can do.
54. Feeling fabulous about something after you just had a baby can be a big bonus when your hormones are going wacko.
55. Breastfeeding can help heal a birth that didn’t go as you planned.
56. NO AUNT FLOW!!!!!!!!!
57. A quiet phone call (while they nurse.)
58. Makes you love them more.
59. Slows you down for a minute.
60. Gives you a chance to cuddle with a toddler, either one you are nursing or one who is no longer the baby and needs somebody warm to sit with.
61. Getting away with public nudity. Come on, you know it is fun. (I’m just kidding! It isn’t sexual.)
62. Oxytocin.
63. Builds confidence.
64. Hello- you grew a baby- and now you are feeding one!
65. Bonding.
66. Night feedings don’t get much easier than rolling over.
67. Never forget a snack.
68. It is nice to be somebodies favorite person for a while.
69. The original COMFORT food.
70. Guilt free comfort food.
71. At the end of the day, after all the mistakes, I know at least I did one thing right.
72. Teaches you about your baby.
73. Gives you your first chance to teach your baby and work together towards a common goal.
74. Builds a relationship without words.
75. Strangely makes me feel like a feminist.
76. Feels very feminine also.
77. Snuggles.
78. A little person who loves you and doesn’t see chub or fluff, they just see a warm, soft, pillow.
79. Memories for later.
80. No leftovers.
82. No waste.
83. Self satisfaction of knowing you did your part to save the ozone.
84. Nursing- always a good answer!
85. All of a sudden, breasts are multipurpose!
86. Self regulating.
87. It is just cool when your milk lets down and then the baby wakes up. Being totally in sync with another human is amazing.
88. Increases and decreases as needed.
89. Healthier mama.
90. Happier mama.
91. Sleep-feeding.
92. Being needed.
93. Needing somebody else.
94. Dad can do so many things I can’t do, it is nice to have something that I can do special for the kids.
95. Breastfed baby smell.
96. Breastfed baby skin.
97. I might not look that good in tights, but making milk is a superpower!
98. Chatting with moms about nursing- it just is awesome to be able to share and learn and teach each other.
99. Sometimes you just need a good reason to buy a new bra.
100. LOVE