Monday, November 25, 2013


I knew I wouldn't remember to make a Facebook post every day to give thanks to something new. However, I love the concept and with Thanksgiving quickly approaching I thought why not? I haven't blogged in a while so my page is a bit rusty, but I'd like to use my down time to reflect on the things I'm most thankful for. Here goes!

1. I'm thankful for God. I have a deeper faith in him than I have ever had or known. It doesn't make me want to shout from a rooftop and flaunt it around. It brings me to my knees because I'm so unworthy to be loved by him and given all his many blessings. He has humbled me.

2. My husband. He is dedicated to putting our needs before his.

3. Titus. He has shown me a love I never knew existed. Every day that I get to spend with him is a better day and the biggest blessing.

4. Family. Our support group. Always there to lend a helping hand. Always there to make me laugh. Never a dull moment.

 5. Our church family. I have met some great friends and even better mentors. Couldn't ask for better.

6. Mommy friends. Play dates are fun!

7. My job, my boss and my coworkers. They make it a little bit easier to come to work everyday. Im happy to have those girls!

8. Our home. It's not new, but it's ours! And it feels like home. I love it.

9. Our fur baby, Dixie. Even when everything has gone wrong that day, she still loves me.

That's all I've got for now!