Sunday, September 23, 2012

2.5 months

I'm running a little behind on blog posts but as you can imagine, life has been on the fast track lately. The boy is growing like a weed. It's so bittersweet to me. I love watching him grow and reach new milestones but I'm saddened that he's already in size TWO diapers and in 3-6 month clothes. Where did my 7lb 12oz baby go?! As we are coming up on 11 weeks, he's been a lot less fussy and more content with whatever is going on. He loves to play and grab things with his hands. He also loves to talk, smile and laugh. He is the sweetest little man ever and he has us all so wrapped. He has the cutest little frowny face that melts my heart, and he uses it to his advantage for sure.

Saturday was the first day of fall (yippee, my favorite season) so I'm hoping it will cool off enough pretty soon to get outside more! He loves the outdoors but I've been limiting our time outside because of all the West-Nile cases. We've already been in the hospital once and I never want him to go through that again. Seeing your baby be a pin-cushion is not fun!! I'm so thankful for a generally healthy baby, because that was hard!!

Anywho here's a growth survey:

Weight: at nine weeks he weighed 11lbs 14oz, I imagine he's about 12.5-13 now. Chubby little booger!

Height: 23.5 inches, he's gonna be a tall boy!

Hair color: it's lightening up to a sandy blonde color with golden flecks! And super curly/frizzy! I love it!!!

Eye color: they're still blue! Hoping they stay that way!

Favorite food: breastmilk :)

Favorite "words": "ooohhh" "goooo" "eh"

Favorite toy: owl mobile and captain calamari

Favorite lovie: his sleep machine Lambo so far.

Favorite clothes: sleepers!

Diaper size: 2

Clothes size: 3 months

Shoe size: 1

Likes: bath time, outdoors, riding in carseat, being in a wrap or sling playing and talking, play mat, his fur sister Dixie, sound machines (hair dryer and lambo), lullabies, rocking, stories, cuddling, and nursing to sleep.

Dislikes: tummy time, nursing when other things are going on, sleeping alone, bouncer, swing, car seat simulator, or anything when someone isn't holding him.

Who does he favor? He's got my eyes, lips and hair, Phillip's nose, chin and facial expressions! :)