Sunday, January 29, 2012


...Just watch this baby come out a girl. Not that I would mind one bit, I'd absolutely love a girl and if I could pick, I would even pick a girl because I think that would be easier for me.

But everything is telling me it's a boy. I'm actually so certain that I haven't even been looking at girl stuff, only boy stuff. Maybe it's that I want a girl so bad that I don't want to get my hopes up.

Not that I mind having a boy either. Phillip, I know, would be beyond thrilled. I just know that with a boy, I'd be lost as a goose! I don't have a bit of Tom-boy in me, and certainly don't look forward to playing in the dirt or with reptiles.

Even when talking about the baby, I refer to it as "him" not "her" or "it". I think it's because we have had a boy name picked out for a while now, or it's because of my symptoms are more geared towards having a boy (kinda). And it doesn't help that all of the old-wives tells are mostly saying that it will be a boy.

And then, I think that the baby is just tricking me, and that it will be a girl. Either way I will be so excited, I already love it so much.

It's just crazy how the motherly instinct works. I never thought I'd be the one ready to change my whole life around for a baby, or spending my free time reading review on products and product recalls or just looking around the baby section of target! Or that I could love someone that I've never even met. I haven't even felt it move yet and I already feel a connection. I even look forward to our alone time, just me and my baby-in-the-belly, or our cuddle time with daddy. How crazy is that?

I kinda got off on a rabbit trail with this post, so if your still with me, I'll give you some of my symptoms/craving/etc. and you can help me out with this gender confusion

Fried chicken
Boiled peanuts
Anything salty
Ice cream
(none of these are usually craved together but I do have to put extra salt on everything, more than I normally do).

Any seafood really

- I have had barely any morning sickness, but very fatigued.

-people say I'm carrying pretty low

- the heartbeat at the last visit was 149, but it had been higher before.

- I feel like I'm losing weight everywhere else but finding it in the belly.

Let's take a poll:

What will baby Lasseter be?
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (11 wk. checkup)

We're so sad to see Christmas go, as it's our favorite time of year, but are definitely looking forward to all that 2012 is bringing us. Bean got more Christmas gifts than we did, but we aren't complaining. The way things are going we aren't gonna have to buy anything for a while!!! From over two hundred dollars, to outfits, blankets, toys and toiletries. We are so thankful!!!
We kinda went all out this Christmas too, because from now on it won't just be about us.

This months visit was short and sweet. We went in, had my vitals checked (I lost 6 pounds since last month), they took lots of blood, and the doctor came in for just a few minutes. They didn't do an ultrasound but we got to hear Bean's heartbeat on the Doppler.
It was beating 166 bpm. In about 8 short weeks we will be able to give bean a name! We haven't quite decided if we will do a gender reveal party or not... Any thoughts?

As for me, I feel not so pregnant at all besides the bloating and excessive tiredness. I had a couple weeks of nausea, but hardly no sickness. I honestly feel like I've gained 10 pounds but I've lost 6. The doctor said it was normal though, so no complaining on my end.

Our resolutions this year:
- to be closer with God and pray more.
- to be the best parents we can be.
- to not forget the importance of our relationship, and to keep it strong.
- to live more frugally.
- to cook and stay at home more.

"the greatest gift you can give a child is parents that respect each other"