Sunday, January 29, 2012


...Just watch this baby come out a girl. Not that I would mind one bit, I'd absolutely love a girl and if I could pick, I would even pick a girl because I think that would be easier for me.

But everything is telling me it's a boy. I'm actually so certain that I haven't even been looking at girl stuff, only boy stuff. Maybe it's that I want a girl so bad that I don't want to get my hopes up.

Not that I mind having a boy either. Phillip, I know, would be beyond thrilled. I just know that with a boy, I'd be lost as a goose! I don't have a bit of Tom-boy in me, and certainly don't look forward to playing in the dirt or with reptiles.

Even when talking about the baby, I refer to it as "him" not "her" or "it". I think it's because we have had a boy name picked out for a while now, or it's because of my symptoms are more geared towards having a boy (kinda). And it doesn't help that all of the old-wives tells are mostly saying that it will be a boy.

And then, I think that the baby is just tricking me, and that it will be a girl. Either way I will be so excited, I already love it so much.

It's just crazy how the motherly instinct works. I never thought I'd be the one ready to change my whole life around for a baby, or spending my free time reading review on products and product recalls or just looking around the baby section of target! Or that I could love someone that I've never even met. I haven't even felt it move yet and I already feel a connection. I even look forward to our alone time, just me and my baby-in-the-belly, or our cuddle time with daddy. How crazy is that?

I kinda got off on a rabbit trail with this post, so if your still with me, I'll give you some of my symptoms/craving/etc. and you can help me out with this gender confusion

Fried chicken
Boiled peanuts
Anything salty
Ice cream
(none of these are usually craved together but I do have to put extra salt on everything, more than I normally do).

Any seafood really

- I have had barely any morning sickness, but very fatigued.

-people say I'm carrying pretty low

- the heartbeat at the last visit was 149, but it had been higher before.

- I feel like I'm losing weight everywhere else but finding it in the belly.

Let's take a poll:

What will baby Lasseter be?
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