Monday, January 6, 2014

Building our life.

2013 brought us so much joy, I love reminiscing on the year. 

found my most likely "forever" job this year, forever until we win the lottery and I can stay home with T and all our future babies. 😉 

We bought our first house that has been perfect for us. Plenty of room to expand our family in the future and a big enough yard, but not too big. 

We watched Titus grow and learn. Most of his "firsts" happened this past year including his first birthday! He's got a huge personality and never let's anyone forget that he's in a room. He is intelligent beyond belief. When you have his undivided attention, he will talk to you about anything. His imagination runs wild, I wish I knew what goes on in his head most of the time. (Right now, he's playing the trumpet with his California Raisins with his hands all while standing on top of the coffee table.) He is obsessed with trains (can you take a guess on what the theme of his 2nd birthday party will be?). 

In 2014, we hope to slow down, build our relationships up, cherish the small things. We hope to stay home more and make lots of memories here. Travel some with just our small family. Not rush anything by and be content with our family of three. 

I'm excited to see what 2014 brings us!