Thursday, May 10, 2012

30 Down, 10 To Go!

I cannot believe we are down to a "10 Week Countdown". It seems so unreal that I will be able to hold my sweet baby boy in my arms in just a few short weeks! Sorry peeps, but I just can't contain my excitement. I know posts all over Facebook may get annoying but here, I can post about it all I want :)

I want to apologize for not being "up-to-date" with my posting. It has been pretty crazy around these parts. Since I last posted, we've had plentiful doctor visits. One week I was in the doctor's office 3 times!! Turns out, Titus has decided to bake a little longer and we are so thankful for it. Around the 28 week mark, we had a few scares. His heart was skipping beats but we saw a specialist and had a very detailed sonogram on his heart and everything else. It was just Premature Atrial Contractions, which is where his heart isn't fully developed yet and were just over paranoid ;) What can be expected from first time parents who don't know a thing about a baby?! That same week, my contractions had started getting really close together (6-10 minutes apart). They've been closer and stronger since then, but Dr. Moses assured me that some people are just "contractors", hopefully this will help me when I'm in active labor. I'm taking the medicine to stop them every 3 hours now (even during the wee hours of the night, I think its preparing me for waking up so often when he's finally here). The good thing is, they aren't making me dilate. My cervix is still short for 30 weeks, but it's at a standstill and hopefully won't get any shorter until a week or so before delivering! We had the Fetal Fibronectin Test (almost two weeks ago) which told us that he would not be arriving within a two week period, and he didn't! Ha! We're just playing it week by week and hoping for the best :) In the meantime, I've been getting plenty of rest like the doctor ordered some things done in the nursery in case he is earlier than expected!

He looks like he's thinking hard! 

Rubbing his eyes! 

Sweet little man! 
The sonographer graciously gave us some free shots of him in 4D. Good thing she did because the next week we went in to do the real thing, his head had gotten way to low to get good pictures and she said it doesn't look like he'll be moving back up. (I'm not sure if that means he's engaged or not?) She did get good measurements, though. At 29 weeks, he measured perfect for his gestational age, except for his head which measured a whopping 31 weeks! He also weighed 3lbs. 5oz.

As for me, I'm growing like a weed too. We won't go into numbers though :P I'm actually gaining pretty steadily like I'm supposed to be so far but I could blow up like a blimp next week! I'm starting to swell pretty badly, but I can't tell if its still from the medicine I'm on or not. My feet get pretty puffy though, haha! I guess some swelling is expected with pregnancy, along with the lower back/hip pain, leg cramps, a few growing pains, heartburn, and very frequent trips to the bathroom! It's an amazing experience though, and I would do it over and over again. Poor Phillip will probably wish that we get a Surrogate next go 'round! Just kidding, I don't think I've been THAT bad. He's just been really supportive and waiting on me hand and foot when I need it. He's going to be the greatest Daddy in the world. You should see how excited he gets when my belly jumps around. It's incredible to watch his reactions!

Sorry for the blurriness, but this is around 29 weeks! 
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