Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's tough to be a week old

Happy one week, baby!
Believe it or not, we had him dressed for picture taking, but he tee-tee'd right through the diaper (thanks alot Huggies, you were not made for little boys with wack-wack's) so we just put him in a sleeper.  It's so hard for me to believe that he turned a week old yesterday. At his first newborn check-up, he checked out fine but had lost a few ounces (normal for breastfed babies), and two days later he was back to gaining weight! His bili level was lower than ever, also! So blessed with a healthy, growing baby!!


-Weight: 7lbs 5.5oz at last check-up

-Height: not much taller than 20 inches I would imagine

-Cord stump? still in tact, so is the circumcision cap.

-Nicknames? Boyfriend, little man, a few more but nothing has stuck yet.

-Breastfed or bottle-fed? EBF

-Paci? Yep. Vanilla soothie :)

-Wrinkles? Galore :)

-New baby smell? It the best thing ever.

-Longest period of sleep? 5 hours and had to wake to feed... Definitely wasnt expecting that but I'll take it.

-Favorite things? Eating, sleeping, being swaddled and cuddled with mommy or daddy, lights and music or singing, car rides

-Enjoy bath time? Not at all! Doesn't like to be lotioned either.

-Colic/reflux? No signs so far, he hasn't even spit up yet!

-How's the rookie parents adjusting?
We are great, getting more sleep than I thought possible for a newborn...Phillip is having to do most of the work, caring for me and Titus because I felt 100% better about 3 days after being home and over did it, but i relapsed and am now I'm paying for it. I'd still say we are doing pretty good though, for first time parents. I will say that I guess I was naive and expected to just pop a baby out and be on my way, but now I definitely understand why the doctors advise you to take it easy for a few weeks. We are just so happy that he is here and healthy. We couldn't ask for more, except for maybe the world to spin slower :)

-love, the lasseter's

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